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Which is the best material for you?

Steel vs. Aluminum

We believe that to have truly satisfied customers, we must offer the highest quality products at competitive prices. Here are the reasons why we feel ‘Galvalume’ steel is the best material for your rain gutter system. ¬†Enameled 26 gauge Galvalume steel is the superior material for any rain gutter system application. Aluminum of .032″ thickness is an acceptable alternative.


    Steel is much stronger than aluminum, so steel gutters are less likely to sustain damage from hail, ice loads, or leaning ladders against them. Aluminum gutters are typically .027″ or .032″ in thickness. To equal the tensile strength of 26 gauge Galvalume steel, the aluminum material would need to be .056″ thick.


    Aluminum expands and contracts twice as much as steel with temperature change. This causes leaks at corners. It also stresses the fasteners near the ends of the gutters and works them loose over time. The effect is increased in proportion to the length of the gutter. We have observed aluminum gutters as short as 64 feet that have worn themselves in half due to expansion and contraction. The use of steel eliminates this problem.


    When dissimilar metals are placed in contact, bimetal activity causes rapid corrosion. Aluminum gutters installed using steel screws or nails will eventually fall off the building due to corrosion of the fasteners. We avoid this problem by using all-steel systems.


    CDOT uses magnesium chloride on the roads during the winter. This is very corrosive to aluminum gutters as it becomes part of airborne dust and settles on your roof. Unlike aluminum, our Galvalume steel gutters and downspouts are enameled inside and out. This long-lasting enamel finish protects the steel. We provide a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty against rust-through.


    Galvalume is the only material whose specially formulated enamel finish is warranted for a lifetime against chalking and fading. Aluminum and other steel products carry no paint finish warranty.


    This is the primary reason why some companies prefer to offer aluminum. Substantially lighter weight makes for much easier handling for the installer. There is no advantage to the consumer.

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