COVID-19 Won’t “Drain” Conifer Gutter Service


The COVID-19 pandemic has had a challenging effect on our lives as Americans and Coloradans.  Your friends at Conifer Gutter Service feel fortunate to be able to continue working after making a few adjustments to the way we do business.

We’ll do whatever it takes to protect our customers and staff from the ravages of the disease:

  • We’ve reduced our staffing from the usual three busy crews to just two.
  • Start times have been staggered here at Conifer Gutter Service, to make sure our crew members are able to practice good “social distancing.”
  • Most of our job sites are in our immediate vicinity; nevertheless, our crew members drive separately to each site to eliminate the risk of infection from sharing rides.
  • Rather than risk passing paperwork back-and-forth, we’ve put a halt to writing paper invoices; all final invoices will be generated electronically and emailed.
  • We never need access to the inside of your home.
  • Estimates? We can still do those for you, too, conducting “walk-around” inspections of your property while maintaining a consistent distance of at least eight feet from all customers.
  • After we inspect your property, we’ll email your estimate… again, no papers to pass.
  • And our Conifer office is being thoroughly disinfected… every day.

Times are challenging… but your friends at Conifer Gutter Service are optimistic that the challenges will ease in the days to come… and we look forward to bringing our usual can-do spirit to meet all your needs, now and in the future.  And thanks for making us your go-to source for gutter and downspout work! As always, we greatly appreciate your business.