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Heat Tape

Colorado has been called “The Climate Capital Of The World” for many decades… and, generally, we do enjoy a nice climate here in the Rocky Mountain West.

But that climate can sometimes be harsh, and can cause problems for your home’s exterior… particularly for your gutter and downspout system.

That’s why Conifer Gutter Service – the area’s leader in gutters, downspouts, and just about everything your home’s exterior needs – offers “heat tape” systems to help home owners avoid the sort of dangerous (and sometimes expensive) ice build-up that a typical Colorado winter can bring.

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Here’s How It Works

Ice DamAfter a Colorado winter storm leaves a few inches (or feet!) of snow on your roof, the sun comes out and begins to melt all that snow.  The snow-melt runs down your roof and into your gutters – just like it’s supposed to do – and then drains away from your home’s foundation through your downspouts.

But, as the famous joke goes, “If you don’t like the weather here, wait ten minutes, and it’ll change.”  Sure enough, night falls, or the next storm comes through… the temperature drops… and that water starts to re-freeze.

If your gutters and downspouts aren’t protected with de-icing cables (known as “heat tape”) running through them, the ice can accumulate inside your gutter system, causing damaging “ice dams” and dangerous formations of icicles.

In the case of inexpensive, light-weight aluminum gutter systems, the gutters can even explode in spots, just like an aluminum can of soda pop left in a freezer!

Adding heat tape to your gutter system is a great solution for most Colorado homes… the cable warms your system enough to discourage ice build-up, but not enough to damage your gutters or the surrounding parts of your home.


Give us a call to schedule a free expert consultation with one of our gutter specialists, and find out if heat tape would be a good solution for your home.

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Not All Heat Tape Is The Same…

Big-box home improvement stores – and some gutter companies – sell an inexpensive “residential” type of heat tape which, frankly, doesn’t do a good job of standing up to the challenges a Colorado home typically faces.

The cheaper heat tape is easily damaged or nicked – birds can wreck it – squirrels even chew on it!

And once it’s damaged, cheap heat tape must be completely replaced, leaving you with unnecessary hassle and expense.

That’s why Conifer Gutter Service insists on heavy-duty commercial-grade heat tape. It costs a bit more up-front, but its advantages make it the better-value choice in the long term.

Animals have a much harder time damaging the heavy-duty heat tape, whether it’s woodpeckers investigating it, or chipmunks racing up your downspouts to elude your dog!

And, unlike the cheap cable, the commercial-grade heat tape can be spliced onto – if it does become nicked or broken, we can simply remove the damaged section and splice it back together, without replacing the entire cable.

… And Not Every Home Needs It

With four decades of experience taking care of home owners in Denver and Colorado, the pros at Conifer Gutter Service have seen just about every situation you can imagine.

We’ve found that nearly a third of home owners who’ve experienced problems with ice dams or other ice-accumulation woes simply have a poorly-designed or badly-installed gutter system… and once we slope the system to drain properly, the ice problem “melts away.”

And not all homes that could benefit from heat tape need it throughout their entire gutter system. With the commercial-grade, splice-able cable we use, we can easily install heat tape to a small portion of your gutter system, and see if that’s all it takes to solve the problem.

And if more heat tape is needed, we can readily add more to the existing system.

Our objective is to do a thorough, professional assessment to determine what you really need… not just to sell you the maximum amount of heat tape.

Call us today! See why we have dozens of five-star reviews online (Google, Yelp, Facebook, you name it)… why the Better Business Bureau rates us A+… and why we are proud to carry a 100% customer satisfaction rating.

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