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jefferson county property owners

If you live or own property in these areas:

  • Conifer
  • Evergreen
  • Pine Junction
  • Indian Hills
  • Genesee Park
  • Floyd Hill
  • Parmalee Gulch
  • Turkey Creek
  • West Creek
  • Anywhere along Colorado Highway 74
  • ANY area above 6,500 feet elevation in Jefferson County

… You need to be aware of some changes the Jefferson County government has made to the building code in an effort to respond to new research regarding the Colorado wild fire epidemic.

Taking effect January 1, 2020, any gutter/downspout projects in these areas will be required to include the installation of gutter guards – devices to keep leaves and pine needles out of your property’s gutters.

Whether you’re installing gutters on a new property, or repairing or replacing all or part of the gutters on an existing property, the project will need to include gutter guards in order to bring the property up to the new code standards.

Whatever your gutter and downspout needs, make Conifer Gutter Service your first call. We’re the local experts. We’ll make sure to treat you like the neighbors you are, and we’ll get your property protected with the right gutter guards for Colorado’s particular conditions.

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Why Gutter Guards?

New research reveals a great opportunity for Jefferson County property owners to use gutter guards for added protection against wildfires.

With beetle-killed stands of dried, dead pine trees on the increase, the research has indicated that areas between 6,500 and 9,500 feet elevation are prime targets for the outbreak of wild fires.

Without gutter guards, your property’s gutters can quickly fill with dried leaves from aspen and other deciduous local trees… and, of course, with those ubiquitous pine needles.

Not only does this cause drainage problems which can lead to damage to everything from the roof to the foundation of the structure, it also leads to a build-up of dried leaves and needles on the roof edges… and that’s pure kindling that could easily cause a catastrophic fire.

When the right gutter guards are installed, this kindling is kept out of the gutters and off the roof, making it much easier for property owners to rake and remove this fire hazard from the ground around the structure.

And by the way, if you live in the foothills or high country in the neighboring counties… in places like Bailey and rural eastern Clear Creek County… you’d be well advised to stay ahead of new regulations like this which may be headed your way, as well.

Will Any Gutter Guards Do?  How About The Nationally-Advertised Brands?

Just about any hour of the day or night, you’re likely to see or hear an ad for gutter guards which, frankly, don’t do the job in Colorado.

Sure, these guards help keep gutters free of leaves, shingle grit, chipmunks, dirt, standing water, and mosquito breeding grounds… in many parts of the country.

These gutter guards are designed to protect your gutters from the kind of debris pushed along by rain water.  Rain water tends to adhere to the “helmet” surface of these products and trickle into the gutter through an opening too small to admit leaves and pines needles.

But in Colorado, you need gutter guards that protect against rain water and, more commonly, ice and snow.

Get the wrong gutters – even some very popular, nationally-advertised brands – and you could be in for the kind of serious and costly problems caused by ice dams which form on your roof at the gutter line.

Call the experts at Conifer Gutter Service, and you’ll get the right gutter guards for your Colorado property… you have our word.

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Why Conifer Gutter Service?

Your neighbors trust us first with their gutter projects, for many good reasons:

  • We’ve been servicing the area with top-quality gutter projects since 1979
  • We do a lot of projects in your area… nobody knows more about what works here than the pros at Conifer Gutter Service
  • Our customer service is second-to-none.  We pride ourselves on small-town values combined with big-time expertise
  • Conifer Gutter Service never sub-contracts your project to a temporary crew which might be more interested in getting the job done fast than getting it done right
  • Don’t take our word for it – check out the many enthusiastic five-star reviews we’ve been privileged to earn on Google, Facebook, Yelp, NextDoor, and wherever people write online reviews
  • You can trust our 100% customer satisfaction rating
  • And you can trust our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, too.

So give us a call today.  We’ll send a seasoned professional to your property to conduct a professional, no-obligation assessment of your needs, and we’ll be sure to help you keep up with the new codes and ensure your place is fully protected.

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